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Awaken your Giant Spirit

  1. Walking & Hiking
    Northern Ireland is made for walkers - whether you’re a take-it-easy ambler or a hardcore trekker. All you need is a good pair of shoes and a spirit of adventure and you’re set to go.
  2. Cycling & Mountain Biking
    Cyclists young and old love Northern Ireland. With our forests and parks, your kids have safe trails as far as their little legs will take them. For more experienced mountain bikers, you have one of the most exciting biking destinations in Europe.
  3. Water Activities
    There’s water everywhere you look in Northern Ireland, making it pure paradise if a dose of water-based adrenaline and inspiration is what you’re after.
  4. Tours & Excursions
    Whatever your interest, if there’s somewhere you want to see, or something you want to experience in Northern Ireland, there’s a way to do it. Ulsterbus Tours runs day trips from Belfast to all the main attractions right across Northern Ireland. You just have to pick where you want to go first.
  5. 7 glorious gardens to explore
    If you enjoy spending time outdoors, surrounded by beautiful flowers, greenery and scenery... well you've come to the right place. Here's just a few of our glorious gardens to explore.
  6. Beaches
    With a wild Atlantic Ocean on one side, and the Irish Sea on another, it’s natural that Northern Ireland is home to some of the best and most spectacular beaches in Europe.
  7. Wildlife & Zoos
    It’s time to have a chat about the birds and the bees. Now, before you drop down in a faint, don’t worry. We’re just here to tell you the best places in Northern Ireland to catch sight of our great wildlife.
  8. Horse Riding
    For a small place, Northern Ireland sure packs a lot in. Beaches and loughs, coasts and forest trails, open countryside and majestic mountains. If it’s new territory to you, there’s no better way to explore it than on the hoof. Four of them. It’s time to saddle up and start exploring!
  9. Forests & Parks
    If you ever want to feel at one with Northern Ireland’s giant spirit - well, it’s a walk in the park, really! Explorers and adventurers young and old love coming here. For some it’s the rare feeling that you have the whole place to yourself. For others, it’s discovering hidden lakes, magical ruins or secret spots.
  10. Mourne Mountains
    The mountains that inspired C.S. Lewis’ Narnia chronicles, Game of Thrones® filmmakers, poets and songwriters will not fail to inspire you too.
  11. Sperrins
    If you’re ever in County Tyrone, you have to take yourself off to the Sperrins or Sperrin Mountains (from the old Irish word ‘speirín’ meaning 'little pinnacle’).
  12. Causeway Coastal Route
    Around every corner, up every wooded pathway and into every clearing you’ll come across spectacular sites and sounds that teem with nature. There is an abundance of wildlife on the Causeway Coastal Route, amongst the jagged hills, wave-crashed cliffs and endless sea. Visitors can enjoy the sandy beaches, the subtle beauty of nearby forests and the rhythmic pour of romantic waterfalls.
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