On 2 April 1912, thousands lined Belfast Lough to proudly watch Titanic - ‘the new wonder of the world’ - set off for Southampton.

There she set sail on her maiden voyage to New York. But on the night of 14 April, disaster struck. 

This map shows where RMS Titanic launched, docked, sailed and was ultimately sank by an iceberg.

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1 April
The Titanic's sea trials are postponed because of bad weather

2 April 
06.00 - Titanic sea trials begin 
20.00 - the trails are completed and Titanic sets sail for Southampton

4 April
Titanic successfully arrives at Southampton shortly after midnight

10 April
12.00 noon - Tugs pull RMS Titanic away from her berth. Ill-health stops William Pirrie travelling on the maiden voyage. 
17.30  - Titanic arrives in Cherbourg, France. Nomadic tendered to Titanic carrying first and second class passengers including John Jacob Astor (Titanic's richest passenger) and his eighteen year old wife Madeleine.

11 April
Titanic arrives in Queenstown (now known as Cobh), Co Cork, Ireland
13.30 - Titanic departs Queenstown for New York City

14 April
23.40 - Titanic hits the iceberg

15 April 
02.20 - Titanic begins to sink
04.00 - The Carpathia picks up the first survivors from the lifeboats

18 April 
21.00 - The Carpathia arrives in New York and the Titanic survivors disembark