The Guildhall, Derry~Londonderry

Understanding the past helps make better sense of the present, and learning about it can be great fun. Seek out these collections, exhibitions, knowledge and stories all over Northern Ireland to shine a light on yesteryear.

1.    Navan Fort

Travel right back to 400 AD in Armagh and discover how our Iron Age ancestors built their homes, cooked their food and prepared for battle at Navan Fort. Living historical characters bring the period to life.


2.    The St Patrick Centre

Downpatrick is one of the best places to appreciate the ancient story of St Patrick and Northern Ireland’s early Christian heritage. Home to the St Patrick Centre, the cutting-edge exhibition here features a five-screen IMAX helicopter trip, video, audio, arts, crafts and more.


3.    Siege Museum

Understand how the events of the Siege of Londonderry shaped the cultural, historical and political landscape in Ireland and Europe. At the Siege Museum in the Walled City, knowledgeable guides help illustrate the rich history amid displays of old artefacts and memorabilia.


4.    The Plantation Exhibition

Explore how the Plantation of Ulster moulded Northern Ireland’s history in Derry~Londonderry’s Guildhall. A collection of original maps, drawings and museum objects illustrates how the Plantation was planned, how people were affected and what its legacy is today.


5.    Bagenal's Castle

Learn about the first human settlers in the Newry and Mourne area and follow the story up to the end of the sixteenth century. The museum at Bagenal's Castle traces the area’s social and political history through a series of diverse collections.


6.    Museum of Orange Heritage

Enjoy learning about the history, culture and traditions of the Orange Institution, from the Glorious Revolution of 1688 up to the present day. Both Schomberg House on Belfast’s Cregagh Road and Sloan’s House in Loughgall, County Armagh, display important Orange Order artefacts and documents.


7.    No. 5 Vicars Hill

History buffs of all ages will love this eighteenth-century Grade A listed building at No.5 Vicars Hill in Armagh. It holds early Bronze Age and early Christian objects, as well as ancient coins, gems, significant prints and other collections and curiosities.


8.    Somme Museum

Understand the awful reality of the 1914-1918 Great War and its effects on the communities at home. The Somme Heritage Centre in Newtownards tells the story of how both Catholic and Protestant soldiers fought and died together in WW I trenches.


9.    Museum of Free Derry

Increase your knowledge of Northern Ireland’s more contemporary history in the Museum of Free Derry, dedicated to the story of the civil rights movement in the 1960s. It portrays the impact, trauma and division of the Troubles, including the events of Bloody Sunday and the Battle of the Bogside.


10. Modern History Gallery, Ulster Museum

Reflecting the compelling story of a shared history, this new gallery, within the Ulster Museum, explores the making of Ulster through the period 1500 to 1968. It reveals turbulent times of war and conflict, but long periods of peaceful development and progress too.