Moonlight kayaking on the River Roe

Paddle at night on or around the full moon

  • From £25
  • Bienevenagh Mountain, Magiligan Fort, and the Peace Bridge in Derry-Londonderry
  • Guided kayaking journey from sunset to moonlight

About your host, Roisin

I am an experienced sea kayaker and have been a long-time member of the local canoeing club scene, and even helped develop the sport in Derry-Londonderry.

My experience on the water has allowed me to become a fun and sociable yet calm and responsible leader at Far & Wild. My years of paddling experience in the North West and my intimate knowledge of the waterways means you are going to have just as much fun as you are safety with me as your guide on this extraordinary adventure.                                                                     

What to expect

A one-of-a-kind escape to tranquillity and discovery along moonlit waters.

Silent yet spectacular locations including Magiligan Fort and Bienevenagh Mountain act as the backdrop to your enchanting journey. You'll be guided along the still waters allowing for a stress-free experience where you can take in the glistening views and paddle in peace. Get ready to embrace your environment under the stars as you capture animals in their fascinating nocturnal state.

What’s included

This unique activity includes a night-time kayaking journey with one of our experienced guides around one of our breathtaking locations. You start at twilight by paddling into the setting sun until you eventually find yourself gently floating down-stream surrounded by the mesmerizing bright light of the moon. Kayaks are seated for two and journeys take place on or around the full moon. All neccessary clothing and equipment is provided. Lasts approximately 3 hours.