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Everyone has a bucket list. The places they really want to go to, the sights they really want to see, the experiences they really want to soak up, and the places they really want to stay. 

A bucket list unlike any other 

When you come to Northern Ireland, you’ll find that when it comes to places to stay, you’re going to need a really deep bucket. That’s because there’s so much ancient and recent history here that you’ll find unique, atmospheric and even stratospheric places to stay to add to your personal bucket list. 

Stay within the walls that saw the first drawings of Titanic, the world’s greatest ocean liner, come to life? Check! 

Wake to the view that greeted Jon and Daenerys as they arrived at Game of Thrones® Winterfell Castle? Check! 

Sleep with the fairies in a quirky cottage built underground? Check! 

Enjoy breakfast in the kitchen where George Best first laced his football boots? Check! 

Fall asleep in a glass dome under the light of a billion stars? Check! 

Unique, inspirational places to stay 

You’ll find these unique and inspirational accommodation experiences, and hundreds more like them right here in Northern Ireland. Our blog will get you started on building up that bucket list, and our directory will help you draw up your final, final bucket list and point you towards making your booking – just in time for you to start another bucket list for your next visit, and the one after that too!