Try some delicious steak and oyster pie with a dollop of Guinness to give it that extra zest


4 x 6oz fillet steaks

8 slices of streaky bacon or pancetta

8 oysters

70g/ 2.5oz  butter for frying

30g/ 1 oz butter for finishing the sauce

2 carrots (diced into 1cm pieces)

1 onion (diced into 1cm pieces)

4 sticks of celery (diced into 1cm pieces)

2 cloves of garlic crushed

880ml draught Guinness

200ml beef stock

4 circles (100mm diameter) of puff pastry brushed with beaten egg

Oil for frying



This recipe served 4 people.

1. Pre-heat oven to 220c

2. Place the puff pastry disc on a greased tray and put in the oven and cook until golden brown (approx 7 minutes), then lower the oven temperature to 110c and further cook the puff for 5 minutes. This allows the pastry to dry out and will leave it nice and crispy.

3. In a large pot sweat the carrots, celery, onions and garlic with a little oil for 5 minutes. Add the Guinness and reduce by half, then add the beef stock and reduce the liquid by half. Finish by stirring in 30g of butter to the sauce to help thicken it and give it a nice gloss.

4. Slit the steaks to make a pouch, stuff with a couple of wet oysters and then wrap around two pieces of pancetta or streaky bacon. Heat 50g of butter in a heavy frying pan, over a medium heat and put in the steaks.

5. For medium rare, cook for roughly 3 minutes on each side, then remove from the pan.

6. To Serve: place the stewed vegetables in an individual pie dish, Slice the steak in half to exposed the oyster and place on top of the vegetables. Pour over the sauce filling the dish by ΒΌ only and finish by putting the puff pastry disc on top.


This recipe is courtesy of James Street South, Belfast