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Awaken your Giant Spirit

  1. Pubs of Northern Ireland
    You’ll find welcoming bars across all corners of Northern Ireland and with a pub and club culture which stretches back over decades, there’s everything from the traditional to modern and quirky bars with some amazing nightclubs to help keep the festive party going.
  2. Places to Eat
    Northern Ireland is proud of its food and drink heritage because there’s so much that’s good here. The incredible local produce, the skill of its rising food stars and a commitment to holding on to the best of its traditional cuisine. In fact, all the ingredients for one of the most exciting food scenes around.
  3. Northern Ireland Spirits Trail | Distillery Passport
    With four new distilleries added to the Spirit Trail in 2024, there's now 14 hidden gems located across Northern Ireland to explore. Use our interactive map to learn more about the passion for distilling that you'll uncover in this part of the world.
  4. Michelin rated restaurants
    Michelin-starred restaurants are more than just places to dine; these are culinary destinations which deliver dedication, creativity, and passion beyond the everyday. Choosing to dine in one of these fabulous establishments is a wise decision, and the memories made her will linger long after the last course.
  5. Tours, Trails & Experiences
    Nothing takes you to the heart of a place like its food and experiencing it through local eyes is even better. Northern Ireland has an abundance of tours, trails and events that take you behind the scenes to savour all that its vibrant food scene has to offer. And you’ll be sure to have some fun along the way.
  6. Places to Drink
    There’s no better way to find out about local life than in a local pub. Northern Ireland’s got all kinds - from those with ancient history to the new kids on the block. So settle in, strike up a conversation and make yourself at home.
  7. Distillery & Brewery Tours
    Northern Ireland has seen a renaissance in brewing and distilling in recent years. Nearly every county now boasts a top-class producer of beer and cider or whiskey and gin. Of course, some have been around for years and have moved with the times.
  8. Make it Yourself
    Food has a special place in all our hearts. That’s why when we’re getting to know a place we start with the local cuisine as a way of seeing what makes the place so special. So how about learning to create that food yourself, with a hands-on foodie experience here in Northern Ireland. Will it make you cook like a local? Very possibly. Will you have fun trying? Absolutely!
  9. Economusees - Artisans at work
    There is very little that the innovators of this great land won’t turn their hand to. Apart from its reputation in linen and ships, Northern Ireland has always been a place with a love of the artisan. In recent years, with the resurgence of interest in everything local, bespoke and hand-crafted, the small producer has taken off again. There are now a plethora of économuseé across Northern Ireland and each has a story to tell about their community.
  10. Tea and champagne served alongside a tray of cakes and scones at the Galgorm Spa and Golf Resort in Ballymena, County Antrim

    What is it about those dainty sandwiches, warm scones, fluffy cakes and pastry deliciousness that we just can’t get enough of? Northern Ireland has embraced Afternoon Tea in a big way, and these are some of our favourite places to enjoy it.

  11. Food & Drink Events
    There’s so much happening on the food front in Northern Ireland these days that it’s sometimes hard to keep up. New inventive and talented chefs coming through. Local food and drink artisan businesses thriving. Here’s just a taster of what you’ll find when you get here...
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Awaken your Giant Spirit

  1. Vegan restaurants and places to eat in Northern Ireland
    Welcome to our guide on vegan restaurants and places to eat in Northern Ireland! Whether you're a committed vegan or simply looking to discover delicious plant-based options, this region offers an array of culinary delights that cater to diverse dietary preferences. From trendy vegan cafes serving up scrumptious plant-based meals to upscale restaurants showcasing innovative vegan cuisine, Northern Ireland is a melting pot of flavors and creativity.
  2. Group enjoying a whiskey tasting session at the Old Bushmills Distillery

    You could spend the rest of your life on a culinary tour around Northern Ireland and you still wouldn’t get to see all the food and drink that’s produced and sold here. From farmers markets to Michelin-starred restaurants, country kitchens to family tables, Northern Ireland’s food revolution is going from strength to strength – seemingly as fresh and seasonal as the produce that inspires it. These are just some of the highlights.

  3. A frying pan with Lough Neagh eels cooking. Also on the table is a dish of potatoes and a plate of wheaten bread.

    We’ve hand-picked some of the most unique and delicious delicacies that Northern Ireland has to offer. From sweet and savoury snacks to hearty main meals, there’s certainly something special to enjoy around every corner in Northern Ireland.

  4. Pain au Chocolat on display at Lost & Found Café in Coleraine, County Londonderry.

    If we are to believe the experts, it’s the most important meal of the day. Here in Northern Ireland we try to be a little more diplomatic when it comes to our food - we believe that every meal is important but there’s no doubt, there’s nothing like a good brekkie to get you off to a flyer. Of course as the home of the Ulster Fry we have a bit of a love for our bacon, sausages and fried eggs sunny side up but we also know a thing or two about lighter morning indulgences. So let’s get stuck in. 

  5. A bowl of soup served on a wooden tray with 2 slices of bread with an open fire out of focus in the background, at Grace Neill's Pub in Donaghadee, County Down.

    We’ve listed just a few of our favourite pubs in Northern Ireland that are known for their delicious food, enough to rival any restaurant! Nothing beats the warm welcome and craic you’ll experience in these pubs, whether you choose city, town or countryside.

  6. 2 bikes propped up sitting beside a Tea and Coffee sign

    If you’re searching for delicious food and stunning scenery, these cycle trails are the perfect way to make your way around Northern Ireland. Ready for a culinary adventure? 

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