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Ye haven’t seen Derry Girls yet? Ah, catch yerself on! 

If you haven’t seen Derry Girls, you’re in for a treat. The Lisa McGee-penned comedy following the hilarious exploits of a group of teenagers, their families and friends - oh, and their school principal, Sister Michael - in the early 1990s is a joy to behold. 

Catch up with Erin, her kooky cousin Orla, best friend Clare, wild child Michelle, and James (‘the wee English fella’). 

It’s full of nostalgia, great 90s music and genuine laugh-out-loud moments as they navigate their teen years and try to rise above the conflict in Northern Ireland. The vibrancy, warmth and pride in the city shines through this brilliant series. 

So, here are a few favourite filming locations inspired by the show. Well worth a visit even if you’ve never seen it. But if you have, the quotes and scenes from the show will come flooding back in huge laughter waves. 

Pastries on Pump Street 

If you’re near the impressive St Columb’s Cathedral, Pump Street is nearby. 

Yes, that infamous location where Grandda Joe was spotted walking in the wrong direction from his home with delicious local pastries in hand. In doing so, he had become the talk of the town - unbeknownst to himself - and causing his daughter Mary to suspiciously ask: “What were you doing heading up Pump Street with a cream horn, Da?" In honour of that zinger, you’ll need to head to a nearby bakery and grab a cream horn pastry for yourself.  

THE Walls 

When she proudly shows The Walls to exchange student visitor Katya who is less than impressed and belittles them some as “some walls”, Erin’s reaction is defiantly priceless: “I showed you THE walls, and they are nothing short of spectacular!” 

Too right, Erin! Derry-Londonderry is the one of the finest examples of a walled city in Europe, with its walls standing an impressive 26 feet high and 30 feet wide. It’s free to walk along them, and they offer unrivalled views of the city. If you fancy learning about their history, take a guided walking tour. 

Follow the dog to the Bishop’s Gate 

While you’re there, you may spot Bishop's Gate, one of the original four gates of the city walls. Look out for a stairway to take you onto the historic Walls where you can walk along the top of the Walls around the city. This area appeared in the show as the backdrop to an army checkpoint where the gang pursue Erin’s thought-to-be dead dog Toto, after having claimed to have seen a church apparition…just to get off doing an exam.  

Spend a while in Dennis’s Wee Shop 

Although only the exterior of the church featured, St Columba's Church, Long Tower is also a great spot to recreate the same scene where they chase after “poor Tonto” as Aunt Sarah indelicately calls the dog much to Erin’s annoyance…“Toto. His name was Toto!!” 

The location of the church offers a great view over the city and is very close to many of Derry~Londonderry’s tourist attractions. 

Like, Dennis's Wee Shop which really does exist. It’s where the Derry Girls purchase their goodies under the watchful eye of the surly shopkeeper with his famous motto: “If you touch them you buy them, that’s the law.” Close by you can see the iconic Free Derry Walls, an important reminder of the city’s history.  

‘I am a Derry Girl!’ 

Speaking of which, the historic speech made by US President Bill Clinton in 1995 outside the Guildhall on Guildhall Square provided the setting for the memorable finale to season 2. It’s here where James, caught up in the emotion of the day, exclaims “I am a Derry Girl!” The Guildhall is located close to the Peace Bridge. Enjoy a cup of tea and a “fifteen”, a traditional Northern Ireland traybake at one of the many nearby cafés. 

Join the girls at the Derry Girls Mural 

Your first or final must-see destination is the Derry Girls mural that brings the five main characters to life and offers you the perfect chance to grab a selfie with the stars! 

Created by local graffiti artists UV Arts, the mural was created ahead of the launch of Season 2, and sits on Orchard Street, on the side of Badgers Bar. Sure, pop in for a refreshment while you’re there! 

Become a Derry Girl cover star

Derry Girls Smash Hits cover prop in Derry VIC

Pop into Visit Derry Information Centre and join the gang by appearing in their bespoke Smash Hits magazine cover.

Soundtrack your road trip to Derry~Londonderry with music from the show

So, if Derry Girls has got you into a good mood, keep an eye out for other locations on your way around. And don’t forget Northern Ireland is also home to other TV and film shows like Game of Thrones®, Artemis Fowl, Line of Duty, The Fall, and loads more. Spoiled, so you are! 

St Columb's Cathedral
St Columb's Cathedral

Dominating the skyline on all approaches to the city of Derry~Londonderry is Saint Columb's Cathedral, which has stood on its prominent site inside the famous walls of Derry since 1633. Dedicated to the name of Saint Columba (Columb)

17th Century City Walls
Historic Sites, Houses, Castles & Buildings
17th Century City Walls

Derry~Londonderry is the only remaining completely walled city in Ireland and is one of the finest examples of Walled Cities in Europe. A walk around the walls reveals a city crammed full of history, heritage, interest and a vibrant cultural scene.

St Columba Heritage Centre (Áras Cholmcille) and St Columba’s Church Long Tower
Visitor Centres & Museums
St Columba Heritage Centre (Áras Cholmcille) and St Columba’s Church Long Tower

In the grounds of the Long Tower Church, the Áras Cholmcille or St. Columba Heritage Centre aims to provide visitors with a unique insight into the life of St. Columba and the city’s ancient monastic roots.

The Guildhall
Historic Sites, Houses, Castles & Buildings
The Guildhall

Fashioned in neo-gothic style, the Guildhall is one of the most striking buildings in the North West and was originally built in 1887. The building now boasts a multifaceted tourism experience providing a central hub for visitors exploring the city

Peace Bridge
Visitor Attractions
Peace Bridge

The Peace Bridge has become an integral part of the city’s infrastructure and is held in high regard by locals and visitors alike for its stunning physical beauty and in equal measures for the symbolic story it represents.

Derry Girls Mural
Art & Photography
Derry Girls Mural

Get yourself down to Badger's Bar where you'll find the infamous Derry Girls mural, one of the best selfie locations in the city of Derry.

Visit Derry Information Centre
Tourist Information Centre
Visit Derry Information Centre

Services available at this office include free information on the local area - tourist attractions, accommodation, where to eat, events, free information on holidays throughout Northern Ireland, accommodation bookings for Ireland and the UK