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The Great Light & Titanic Walkway
The Great Light & Titanic Walkway
The Great Light & Titanic Walkway

Weighing 10 tonnes and measuring 7 metres tall, the optic is a unique maritime heritage object with significance to Belfast's economic, maritime and industrial past. It is totally irreplaceable and is an exceptionally rare maritime artefact. It produced one of the strongest lighthouse beams ever to shine - a truly great light.

The huge Fresnel Hyper-Radial lenses of the Great Light served two lighthouses over approximately 127 years. The lenses were originally made in Paris, 1887 for Tory Island Lighthouse, situated off Donegal. In the 1920’s the original optic was sent to England and split into two by the Chance Brothers. One was put back into Tory Island and the other, the Great Light, was fitted into Mew Island lighthouse, part of the Copeland Islands. It was first lit on 1st September 1928 and was used until 2014 when it was replaced by a solar powered LED.

The optic has been restored and housed in a new interpretive structure in the Titanic Quarter and has been designed to last for 100 years, providing free public access to the Great Light’s exciting story of innovation, engineering and safety at sea.

The Great Light is located on the new Titanic Walkway, a 500 metre walkway on Victoria Wharf, which connects the Titanic Slipways to HMS Caroline and the Thompson Dock, giving visitors the perfect opportunity to learn about the maritime and industrial heritage of the area on their way to the Great Light.

*Please note: If the blinds are down, it is to protect the Great Light from the sunlight.


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The Great Light is open 24/7 all year round.

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The Great Light & Titanic Walkway

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