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Rathlin Walking Tours
Limestone caves, Rathlin 2009 / P Quinn
West Light June 2009 / P Quinn

Planning a visit to Rathlin Island? Interested in walking or birdwatching? Why not join Paul Quinn, an experienced walking guide, who can help guide you round the beautiful sights and sounds of Rathlin. You can walk for an hour plus or up to a day.

Options for walks shown below or ask about a tailor-made itinerary.

Mill Bay Meander

All on surfaced roads, at a gentle pace with a few inclines. Expect to see seals and shorebirds (perhaps curlew, oystercatcher and gulls). We will pass old buildings and hear their stories. Shipwrecks didn't just happen in the days of sail and you will hear about dramatic events in 1917 and also as recently as 29th January 2007. This tour lasts just over an hour and children are welcome.

The Rue and Roonivoolin

On a combination of surfaced roads and designated trails. The Rue and Roonivoolin will allow you to cover about half the island. You could see the East Lighthouse and hear about Robert the Bruce. Make tracks to the lonely Coastguard Lookout and along the way, hopefully see buzzard, raven, gannet and guillemots. You can walk the cliffs at Roonivoolin, keeping an eye out for chough, peregrine and Irish Hare. This tour lasts around four hours. The pace is unhurried, but prepare to get muddy at times.

Boomerang Bonanza

On a combination of surfaced roads and designated trails. Good chance of covering many parts of the island. In late Spring see orchids and Pyramidal Bugle. Throughout the Summer season see Harebells, Lady's Bedstraw and Eyebright. This tour lasts around seven hours and is at an unhurried pace.

We may also use a minibus. The minibus operates separately from the walks and costs around £5 per person. It can be used to travel to and/or from the Seabird Centre. It is subject to the operator's agreement and availability on the day.

Special Prices:

For groups of 10+ and returning customers, please contact me for rates. For all options, minimum charges apply without exception.

Cost of ferry travel to/from Ballycastle and food/drink is excluded.

Advance booking essential: this will give you a reduced fare on the ferry.

Opening times

By arrangement with the tour guide.

Price list

Mill Bay Meander

£10 adult, 5 to12yrs £5, minimum charge £30.

The Rue and Roonivoolin and all day walking: please ask for price.


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