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The Glass of Thrones walking trail along the Maritime Mile in Belfast is made up of a unique series of stained-glass windows depicting key moments from Game of Thrones® series'. A must-see for true fans of the show, this incredible trail combines the lovingly detailed craftmanship of local talent, with key moments from the show.

Start the trail at AC Hotel 

Your watch begins at the AC Hotel on City Quays, with a window featuring the first family of Game of Thrones® – the noble, tragic Starks.  At its heart is the show’s man of destiny Jon Snow, and the imagery recalls the Starks’ mystic links with the weirwoods and direwolves; the dreadful fates first of Ned, then of Catelyn and Robb at the notorious Red Wedding; and the vengeance exacted by Arya and Sansa as winter finally comes to their betrayers, Littlefinger and the Boltons.

A window at Lagan Weir 

Next stop on the trail takes you to the Baratheon window at Lagan Weir. House Baratheon – specifically The Red Woman Melisandre - is central here, reinforcing her significance throughout the series. You’ll see the death of both King Robert - which set in motion the War of the Five Kings - and arguably the show’s number one villain, Joffrey – depicted here. The burning fleet of The One True King Stannis during the Battle of the Blackwater also feature in this predominantly red window that represent either bloodshed or Melisandre herself. 

See through to the Odyssey 

Further on, you’ll reach the Targaryen window at the Odyssey. The House Targaryen stained-glass work highlights key moments involving the Mother of Dragons herself, Daenerys Targaryen. The loot train attack on the back of Drogon at the Battle of the Goldroad is your key focal point. Also featured are the execution of her brother Viserys at the hands of Khal Drogo, as well as The Sons of the Harpy. 

White Walkers in the frame at SS Nomadic 

Your next stopping point on the trail is the White Walkers window at SS Nomadic. This striking blue pane of glass features the glow-in-the-dark eyes of the Night King – as they do in the show itself. You’ll remember scenes including the changing of a baby to a White Walker at Crastor’s Keep, Hardhome, where Jon Snow kills a White Walker, and the Night King’s ability to raise the dead. Arguably one of the saddest moments in Game of Thrones® history - how Hodor came to be called as such - is revealed here. 

Ascend the Titanic Slipway to The Iron Throne 

Your ultimate destination on the trail is The Iron Throne window on the nearby Titanic Slipway. The penultimate window is dedicated to the elusive Iron Throne where you can pretend to be the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms by taking your seat on a version of the throne. You’ll spot the most important families depicted here in symbols: a direwolf representing House Stark, a three-headed dragon for House Targaryen, a sun-piercing spear for the Martells, a rose for the Tyrells, a lion for House Lannister, the Greyjoy Kraken, the trout of House Tully, plus many more. 

Finish up at HMS Caroline

The last window on the trail is the Lannister window located close to HMS Caroline. House Lannister represents one of the most hated families in Westeros – headed by Tywin with sibling children Jaime, Cersei and Tyrion. You will note the destruction of the Sept of Baelor, the importance of Ser Gregor Clegane (aka The Mountain) in Cersei’s life, and the death of Prince Oberyn Martell depicted in this family-focused work of art. 

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The Glass Trail is only the beginning...

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