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This is an easy no-bake traybake and is really quick and simple to make.  The Fifteens are so called because this traditional Northern Ireland recipe calls for fifteen of each ingredient.


15 digestive Biscuits
15 large Marshmallows
15 glacé cherries, washed, dried and cut in half
200ml condensed milk
Desiccated coconut 


Crush the digestive biscuits keeping some larger bits and put in a bowl.
Chop (use scissors for ease) the marshmallows into 2 or 3 and add these to the crushed biscuits along with the cherries.
Then add the condensed milk and use your hands to mix it together. 
Use a large piece if baking paper, dust liberally with the coconut and shape the mix into a long roll. 
Then using the paper roll it up tightly and refrigerate for a few hours until firmed up.
Makes lots.  Cut into slices.

These will keep well in an airtight container.

Recipe courtesy of Wee Buns Cookery School.

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