St Patrick's day parade

Whether you want to celebrate or seek reflection, St. Patrick's Day is one of the best times for getting out and about in Northern Ireland. 

Events change annually and there is always a huge variety of activities to take part in, so make sure to check out our events page to keep up to date with everything going on. Otherwise, here are some of the fantastic ways that we celebrate Saint Patrick's Day every year.

Home of Saint Patrick Festival

County Armagh and County Down, the heartland of Saint Patrick, host an annual Home of Saint Patrick Festival over packed with family-friendly activities, concerts, and talks to ensure everyone gets involved in this exciting time of the year.

Saint Patrick's Day parade and concert

Belfast becomes awash with colour, music and performers as the Saint Patrick's Day Carnival Parade snakes its way through the streets en route to Custom House Square where visitors enjoy an annual concert featuring local music and dancers.

Saint Patrick's Trail

Follow the Saint Patrick’s Trail through a host of Christian sites at Bangor, the Ards Peninsula, Downpatrick, Newry and Armagh to uncover just how strong Northern Ireland’s links are with this patron saint.

The 92 mile linear driving route links 15 key sites, all identified as having some connection to his life, legacy or landscape.

Saint Patrick's Way

The Pilgrim’s Walk is a 132km (82 mile) trail beginning at the Navan Centre outside Armagh City, winding through beautiful landscapes and historic cities, to end at Saint Patrick’s final resting place at Down Cathedral in Downpatrick.

Pick up a Pilgrim’s Passport at any of the Visitor Information Centres in the area and stamp it at the 10 locations along the route as a souvenir of your journey. When you show your completed Passport at The Saint Patrick Centre in Downpatrick, you receive a Certificate of Achievement.

The Pilgrim’s Walk takes between 6 -10 days, depending on your pace.


As well as the Saint Patrick's day parade, both international and local musical talent will be playing in traditional bars across the country over this time of festivity. Step into one of the many traditional bars across the country and join our locals for a real feel of Saint Patrick's Day musical merriment. (Check out our pubs and clubs page for more inspiration).