Here are all the answers to our Game of Thrones┬« quiz.

1. Which of these doors can be found in Ballygally Castle, County Antrim?

Answer: Number 4

2. Which lough was used as the Summer Sea, where Tyrion and Jorah took cover after being attacked by Stone Men?

Answer: Number 3 - Lough Neagh

3. In which cave would you expect to find Beric Dondarrion and the Brotherhood without Banners?

Answer: Number 2 - Pollnagollum Cave, County Fermanagh

4. Ned Stark and his sons found the direwolf pups in which forest?


Answer: Number 1 - Tollymore Forest, County Down

5. The Kingsmoot, where Yara and Euron Greyjoy lay claim to the Salt Throne, took place at which location?

Answer: Number 3 - Larrybane, County Antrim

6. On which beach did Melisandre burn the effigies of the Seven Gods of Westeros?


Answer - Number 4 - Downhill, County Londonderry

7. Which castle is the setting for Winterfell, home to the Stark Family?

Answer: Number 1 - Castle Ward, County Down

8. Which of these locations doubled for Braavos Canal, where Arya surfaced from the water after being attacked by The Waif?


Answer: Number 3 - Carnlough Harbour, County Antrim

9. In which coastal town would you find this door?

Answer: Number 3 - Portaferry, County Down

10. After they escaped the fighting pits in Meereen, Drogon flew Daenerys to safety at which location?


Answer: Number 1 - Binevenagh, County Londonderry

11. Quoile River in County Down was used as the filming location for where?

Answer: Number 2 - Riverrun

12. In the very first episode, where did Ned Stark behead the Night's Watch deserter?

Answer - Number 2 - Cairncastle, County Antrim

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