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Crumlin Glen

Rising to the east on the slopes of Divis Mountain, the Crumlin River has carved a short but deep glen here as it approaches the waters of Lough Neagh.


To start this short walk, follow the path at the far (west) end of the car park over a footbridge and uphill where you then turn left.

The walk passes through some beautiful woods, and then you soon turn left and follow the sign down to the Cockle House.

Then, continue down to the riverbank and follow the path along its side. You soon reach a footbridge over the river to your left. Cross it and follow the path leading away from the river.

This section of path leads to the Cidercourt Road. Turn right here, crossing Cidercourt Road almost immediately to join a public right of way leading to Main Street.

Turn left onto Main Street and then left again onto Mill Road, and proceed back to the starting point.


1.8 miles


Off-road paths

Point of interest

Cockle House, herons and otters


Toilets & fishing stands


Antrim Borough: A Walking Guide

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The leaflet is free of charge and available from Antrim Information Centre, the Clotworthy Arts Centre or by contacting the Countryside Recreation Officer at Antrim Borough Council on 028 9446 3113.


  • Free (parking charges may apply)

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  • Free (parking charges may apply)
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Crumlin Glen

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