The Ulster fry


2 eggs

1 slice of potato bread

1 slice of soda bread

2 pork sausages

2 back bacon rashers

2 slices of black and white pudding

1 red tomato



1. Place a small amount of rapeseed oil in the pan over a low heat which produces a light sizzle not a spitting oil.

2. When hot, place the sausages in the pan turning occasionally to colour evely all the way round. This should take approximately 8 minutes.

3. Add the bacon rashers to the pan. Don’t turn your bacon too early - wait for the colour to appear on the edges. For a healthier option you can grill the bacon. Either way, cook the bacon until crispy but not brown and burnt.

4. Place the potato and soda bread in pan. The soda will soak up all the delicious flavours and the potato bread will brown on the outside and soften wonderfully in the middle.

5. Use tomatoes on the vine as they retain their firmness and flavour for longer. Tomatoes should always be a little crispy. Cook the tomatoes for several  minutes alongside your breads.

6. Put the slices of black and white pudding in the pan and continue to cook everything for a couple of more minutes – after 2-3 minutes flip everything over. After a further 2 minutes cooking move all the ingredients into a warmed oven and clean your pan.

7. In a little fresh oil, crack 2 large free range eggs, place a lid over the pan to cook the top of the eggs for perfect runny eggs.