An expansive urban waterfront with Titanic Belfast as its centrepiece, you can’t truly experience Belfast without taking some time exploring the Titanic Quarter. 

Here are the highlights:

1. Experience Titanic Belfast

Titanic Belfast, named the World’s Leading Tourist Attraction 2016, is the biggest and best experience of the most famous ship in the world. Walk the decks, travel to the depths of the ocean and uncover the true legend of Titanic in the city that built her. 

2. A unique overnight stay

The cathedral-like Harland & Wolff Drawing Offices, where Titanic was designed, are one of Belfast’s architectural and historical gems. Now a deluxe boutique hotel offering a unique maritime experience from the moment you enter its doors; with its exquisitely designed rooms reflecting the legacy of Harland & Wolff's innovative design and craftmanship.


3. Research your family history

Pay a visit to the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland and research family and local history - some documents date back to the 17th century.


4. Stroll the slipways

Take a stroll behind Titanic Belfast and discover the slipways where Titanic and her sister Olympic first slid into the water, now a public plaza where crowds gather for big concerts like Belsonic and the BBC Proms. Explore the life-size outlines of both ships’ main decks, the lawns, lamp posts, benches and stone etchings, all laden with maritime symbolism and history. 

5. Meet Titanic’s little sister

Don’t forget to step aboard Titanic’s little sister, SS Nomadic, moored close to where she was built. Nomadic carried first-class and second-class passengers to the mighty ship and has a million poignant stories of authentic Titanic history to tell. Marvel at this nautical treasure on a tour of the four decks all restored to their former glory. 


6. Step on board HMS Caroline

On this beautifully restored treasure trove of maritime history, the HMS Caroline. It’s like the crew only left yesterday explore this unique survivor from World War I, soak up her original features on the bridge, living quarters and engine rooms, and don't miss the chance to eat and drink in the First Rates Mess Café.

7. Take a Titanic Quarter tour

Glide around the past, present and future of Titanic Quarter on a Segway experience, or marvel at the stories of the shipyard on the Wee Tram, with photography, video and local knowledge on screens in each tram carriage. For those who like to walk, you can easily go self-guided or choose one of the great guided walking tours. 


8. The Odyssey

There’s something for everyone at the Odyssey Pavilion, a perfect diversion for restaurants, various bars, a cinema and ten pin bowling all under the one roof in the Titanic Quarter. It’s home to the SSE Arena, so there might be a major concert on, or a Belfast Giant’s ice hockey game when the stadium is cool and rocking.  

9. Take a ride on The Wee Tram


Take a trip back in history and travel as Titanic's builders did - by tram! The hop-on, hop-off transport service around the Titanic Quarter ferries passengers around a loop which includes Titanic Belfast, the world's largest Titanic visitor attraction. It also passes the Drawing Offices where the ship was designed, the Slipways where she was built and launched, and the Thompson Dock where she was fitted-out and stood on dry ground for the last time. The Wee Tram runs daily between 10am - 6pm and leaves Titanic Belfast every 30 minutes.

10. Visit The Great Light and Titanic Walkway

Pay a visit to this unique 7 metre tall maritime heritage object which weighs 10 tonnes and produced one of the strongest lighthouse beams known.  The Light is located on the Titanic Walkway which connects visitors from the Titanic Slipways to HMS Caroline and Thompson Dock along a 500 metre walkway.