Welcome to the place where unforgettable memories are always in season.

  • £20 per person group rate, £25 per person individual rate.
  • Portadown, County Armagh.
  • Fully guided experience.

The Troughton family are all about apples – but not just any old apples. They have grown the unique and internationally-recognised Armagh Bramley apple for over 100 years and recently recreated the craft of making them into award-winning ciders.

They love their apples and are enthusiastic storytellers and extraordinary guides. They give real insight into the skills needed to create a great orchard and to make the most of the fruit.

They show you everything from blossom to bottle. From their beautiful orchards where the story starts, through the mill to the bottling hall. Tasting the range of ciders and apple juices with your expert guide is an education that enlivens your taste buds and sharpens your palette.

  • Advance booking required.
  • Approximately 2 hours in duration.
  • Options include tour with tasting, tour with tasting & lunch or tour with tasting and afternoon tea.

Contact Armagh Cider Company directly to book tours