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We’ve never been shy about supporting our local trade. But after the year we’ve all had, it’s more important than ever to shop local to help our wonderful businesses get back on their feet. 

The past year has impacted our everyday lives, and small and local businesses have endured the effects of reduced foot traffic. Restaurants, retail shops, tour providers, and entertainment and hospitality venues are some of the businesses that have had to slow down activity.  

Now that things are beginning to return to normal, we can all play our part in supporting our local business while exploring Northern Ireland. 

Here are 5 ways you can support local businesses this year to help them bounce back. 

Explore local 

Go off the beaten track and spend some time exploring unique local shops, pubs, restaurants, tours, and experiences. Our local business would love to have you stop by, and you never know what hidden gems you’ll discover along the way. So, keep an eye out for independent businesses when you’re out and about exploring. They’ll appreciate your support and are sure to give you a warm welcome.

Pay cash if you can 

A lot of small business can have minimums for purchases made by debit or credit card. This a due to credit card processing companies charging businesses transition fees on each purchase – which can be up to 3% per transaction. So, let’s all do our local businesses a favour and make an extra effort to pay cash if we can. By paying cash when we can, we can help make sure the money a local business earn goes to them! 

Leave a review 

One of the best ways to help local businesses nowadays is to leave them a wonderful review on their social media pages or Google listing. Pretty much every business is online in one way or another these days, so if you come across a pub, café, restaurant, shop, tour guide or any other business you think deserves a bit of recognition, leave them a glowing review! Your review won’t just help push people towards the businesses, but it will give the staff and owner a much-needed pat on the back after what’s been a tough year. 

Get social 

A simple but effective way to show your support for local businesses is following their social media accounts. By liking their posts and sharing, you can help bring more eyeballs to their business, as well as potential customers. Why not check-in when you’re there or tag them in a post? It all helps! 

Spread the word 

Let friends and family know that they can play a part in helping local businesses get back on their feet. Share this blog on your social media profiles and encourage others to make an extra effort to support local businesses over the coming months. We all need each other! 

Pledge your support  

Whether it’s going the extra mile to buy local or leaving a positive review online, your support at any small business will make a Giant difference.