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There’s sunshine on the horizon and things are beginning to return to normal. As we start to travel and enjoy all of what Northern Ireland has to offer, what are some of the things we can take into consideration before we set off?  

It’s fair to say, we’re all coming out of this with a greater appreciation for the natural beauty, welcoming communities, and local businesses found all across Northern Ireland. Whether you’re a local just looking for a change of scene, or it’s your first time visiting and recent times have you kicking yourself for not coming sooner, here are four things to know before you go! 

Making your mark

When you awaken your Giant Spirit on a holiday in Northern Ireland, we like to think you leave a little bit of your personality and charm with us as well. 

We’d politely ask if it doesn’t belong, it isn’t left behind. “Leave No Trace” is the unspoken motto when visiting beautiful landscapes all across the world, and we count our rugged coastlines, lush forests, and breath-taking mountain views among them. Tidying as you go doesn’t seem like much, but it helps preserve the beauty of our landscapes for those who follow afterwards. 

Planning ahead can make all the difference. Google can help you discover when areas are at their busiest, and visiting at quieter times not only increases the chance of finding the perfect parking spot but you’re more likely to have the views just to yourself! Looking for that moment of peace to reconnect with nature, or even that perfect photo without everyone else spoiling your background? We understand… time your visit for that sweet spot when it’s less busy or check out our guide to hidden gems and lesser-known walking trails

Your Giant Welcome 

No exaggeration, we know all our tour guides and experience providers are as excited about your trip as you are. Behind every place in Northern Ireland, there are people who have found their passion in welcoming visitors and helping you discover local gems, incredible must-do activities, and greeting you with the warmest Giant Welcome. 

Depending on your plans, there will be some experiences that have to follow stricter health and safety measures. This is especially the case when indoors or in busier areas, so it’s never a bad idea to pack an extra face covering just in case. As we’ve learnt from everyday life during the pandemic, it never hurts to be prepared! And while we can’t wait to welcome you back, we want to make sure it is as safe and as comfortable for everyone, including your tour guide and local providers. 

Making a Giant Difference to local business 

All across Northern Ireland, local businesses are open and ready to welcome you back. From the cosy corner coffee shop to the local grocer you befriend during a self-catered stay, you can make an impact by supporting and shopping local while you’re here. 

Keep an eye out for restaurants serving local, seasonal dishes. That way you’ll know your meal has a knock-on effect for the community and the local restaurant providers. As foodies will know, Northern Ireland has a world-class reputation for artisan and craft goods. Stocked in local stores and at farmers’ markets, you’ll find microbrewers, chocolatiers, honey farmers, weavers, knitters, potters, and more. We’re a land of makers, creators, and innovators – all of which you can treat yourself to while discovering the area. Supporting small and local business helps to foster our independent producers. Check out to get an idea of what’s in store! 

Plan and Book Ahead 

Many places in Northern Ireland are currently operating on a pre-booking system - so be sure to book early where possible to avoid disappointment! From accommodation and visitor experiences, right through to your dinner reservations. And if you can no longer make your booking for any reason, be sure to cancel so someone else can slot in! 

And before you go 

Following the four guidelines above can make a Giant Difference to Northern Ireland. Be sure to plan your trip ahead of time to avoid disappointment.