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Almost the whole world knows that the RMS Titanic, ‘unsurpassable’, ‘unsinkable’ and the most famous ship of all time, was built and launched in Belfast. 

On 2 April 1912, thousands lined Belfast Lough to proudly watch Titanic - ‘the new wonder of the world’ - set off for Southampton from where she would make her fateful maiden voyage across the wide expanse of the Atlantic Ocean to New York. 

As she made her way from Southampton the great ship collected passengers in France and in Ireland before confidently setting a course westward for America with 2,228 people aboard. 

Less than two days later, on the night of 14 April and as the ship approached Newfoundland, disaster struck in the form of an iceberg. Irreparably damaged by striking the iceberg, Titanic slowly sank beneath the frigid waves, taking 1,517 souls with her. 

This map shows where RMS Titanic launched, docked, sailed and was ultimately sank by an iceberg.