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Published May 6, 2020

It’s that time of year to start thinking about spring cleaning. And whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that a good spring clean is good for the soul!

Everglades Hotel, Derry~Londonderry

Everglades Hotel, Derry~Londonderry. Image courtesy of Hastings Hotels.

The Everglades Hotel's Head Housekeeper, Soulef Bounaaja, has shared her top 10 items that may be overdue a spring clean and gives tips on how you can refresh, degunk and degrime them.

1. Revive cloudy glasses -
Remove the built-up film from hard-water minerals by soaking glass stemware in white vinegar for five minutes. Then rinse by hand and dry with a microfiber cloth for a sparkling shine!

2. Sanitize your phone - The gross truth: Your mobile might harbour more germs than a toilet seat. Zap germs by wiping with an antibacterial wipe, and give your TV remote and computer mouse the same treatment while you're at it.

3. Clean out candleholders - Save a pretty container or jar when the candle's spent by rinsing with steaming hot water and scooping out the wax residue inside with a kitchen roll. Or alternatively pop you candle jar into the freezer for 10 minutes then pop out the wax and clean the residue with kitchen roll. Reuse it as a vase for some spring blooms.

4. Banish stray marks from colouring time - Toothpaste will erase felt tip pen stains from wood — a handy trick to have in your back pocket if you've got creative kids.

5. De-funk hairbrushes and combs - Combat build-up from hair products with a sudsy solution of a few drops of dish soap or gentle shampoo mixed with warm water.

6. Fight pooch pong - Deodorize the soft, cushy places around your house — including the dog bed — by sprinkling surfaces with baking soda, letting it sit for 15 minutes, and then hoovering it up.

7. Clear a slow drain - When you notice your drain is starting to clog, pour a 1/2 cup of baking soda down it, followed by a 1/2 cup of vinegar. Cover with a wet cloth to contain the foaming effects. Wait five minutes and then flush with hot water.

8. De-grease cupboard doors - Just like your cooking tools, cupboards can get grimy when you're making dinner. Add a little dish soap to a spray bottle with warm water to mist away the grease. Then, rinse with a well-wrung cloth and dry.

9. Freshen your microwave - Make caked-on grime easier to wipe off by heating a cup of water, several tablespoons of vinegar, and a chopped-up lemon on high until the microwave's window is steamy. Let the bowl sit for five minutes before you open the door and wipe the inside clean with ease.

10. Fill your dishwasher - but not with dishes
- Plastic toys, toothbrush holders, and pet bowls are just a few of the items that can get clean the hands-off way.

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