Northern Ireland has so many excellent, well-run camping, holiday and caravan parks with outstanding facilities in superb locations.

Before you take to the road, it's worth planning beforehand.  Popular parks can fill up at peak periods so check availability. Also, not all sites are manned 24 hours, so phone ahead with arrival times.  Signposting can also vary; get directions so your route isn't more scenic (or longer) than it should be. 

British Graded Holiday Parks Scheme

Under this scheme, parks are inspected and given a rating to reflect overall standards. The highest rating of Five Stars is reserved for parks of exceptional quality, which also provide specific facilities and services.

In Northern Ireland, the scheme is administered by the National Caravan Council and the British Holiday & Homes Parks Association supported and endorsed by the Tourism Northern Ireland. Each park is visited by an independent inspector and assessed on the efficiency of service, general maintenance, layout and landscaping. Particular emphasis is placed on the standard of cleanliness throughout.

 Excellent Quality

     Very Good Quality

          Good Quality

               Quite Good Quality

                    Acceptable Quality