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The Professor and The Factory

From award-winning playwright, Michael Ievers, and featuring legendary Ivan Little, comes the true story of a Belfast factory, so transformed by a university professor, that the factory women repeatedly breached the barricades of 1974 to keep the factory going; this is the story of these women.

Belfast in the 1970s – remember the colours, the music, the flares…. the Troubles. This June, the latest play from national award-winning local playwright, Michael Ievers, ‘The Professor and The Factory,’ transports you back to Belfast in the 1970s, and to a moment in time when the ‘weemin’ had their say. Based upon a true story about the fortunes of a failing shirt factory so transformed by the arrival of a professor from Queen’s University that during the Ulster Workers’ Council strike of 1974, that the women of the shirt factory repeatedly breached the barricades to keep the factory going…this is the story of these women.

‘The Professor and The Factory’ features Ivan Little, and is then followed by an interview with him about his new book, ‘Reporting The Troubles.’

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Doors Open: 19:30 / Show begins: 20:00

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£12 General Admission / £10 Concession


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The Professor and The Factory

Black Box 18 -22 Hill Street
County Antrim
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