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Rosemary Ferguson Artist
Rosemary Ferguson
Rosemary Ferguson

Much of my work draws its subject matter from the Irish landscape and its flora and fauna. Using felted, dyed merino wools incorporating embroidery in some pieces, and dyed silk fibres, with the addition of natural materials in others, I have sought to express the changing colours and textures created by the seasons and weather conditions which typify our mountain, forest, lake, river and coastal vistas. Other felted work relates more to the detail, rather than the broader landscape, drawing its inspiration from, for example, seed pods and tree barks.

My paintings, in the main, are inspired by landscape, flowers and still life, sometimes in dramatic close-up, and sometimes in broader composition.

I also produce high quality limited edition Giclée prints on watercolour paper of some pices of my work.

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Rosemary Ferguson Artist

17 Adair Gardens
County Tyrone
BT80 8PS
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T: (028) 8676 4235
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