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Philanthropy Past and Present - Tour of Clifton House

Clifton House is an impressive Georgian building, set in tranquil landscaped gardens in the heart of Belfast. Opened in 1774 by Belfast Charitable Society, the building was used until the late 1880s as Belfast’s Poor House. It was used as a nursing home and hospital for older people and is now a unique event venue and visitor attraction.

The January and February tours explore the city’s oldest working building, set up by philanthropic merchants as the Belfast Poor House. Hear stories of its work and those who sought refuge in its walls.

The fully guided tour costs £6.50pp. Every Friday at 3pm.

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Friday 21/02/2020 15:00-16:30

Friday 28/02/2020 15:00-16:30

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Tickets: £6.50


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Philanthropy Past and Present - Tour of Clifton House

Clifton House Belfast 2 North Queen Street
BT15 1EQ
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