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Cloughmore Trail via Fiddler's Green

Kilbroney Park, Rostrevor, is situated in a stunning location, where mountain, sea and valley create a scenic wonderland.  Overlooking Carlingford Lough, these 97 acres of beautiful parkland nestle within the shadow of Slieve Martin and the mountains of Mourne.  According to local folklore, the Big Stone was thrown across the lough by Finn McCool during a fight with a giant rival. Follow this trail to the “Chloch Mhór” (Irish for big stone) to enjoy panoramic views across Carlingford Lough and the surrounding landscape.


This walk starts in the upper car park (way-marker no. 1).  Follow the trail uphill until you reach the big stone (way-marker no.3).  Enjoy the views from this great vantage point before following the way-markers downhill as you make your way to a further viewpoint area before reaching the Fiddler’s Green.

The latter, small clearing is located at the southern end of the ancient oakwood and was once a focal point for local entertainment.  This custom is maintained in the annual Fiddler’s Green traditional music festival, which uses the green as well as other venues across the village. 

Continue on the trail through the ancient oakwood until you rejoin the main road which leads up past the main car park/café/reception area (way-marker no. 15).  Follow the way-markers as you begin your ascent towards the upper car park, completing this circular route walk.  It is also an option to start and finish from the main car park (way-marker no 15) bearing in mind that when you reach the upper car park and pass way-marker no.22 that the next way-marker will be 1.


2.5 miles


Steep inclines, forest tracks, u

Point of interest

Cloughmore (or the ‘Big Stone’), Fiddler’s Green, ancient Oakwood, natural heritage


Facilities within Kilbroney Park include: Kilbroney Tree Trail, Narnia Trail, Fairy Glen, Mountain Bike Trails, Rostrevor Mountain Bike Centre, Caravan Park, Café, Toilets, Car Park, Children’s Play Park, Adult outdoor gym, ancient Oakwood

In addition, there is a wide range of restaurants/cafes/shops in Rostrevor to suit all tastes.


You can pick up a copy of the Narnia and Cloughmore Trails brochure at the reception building in Kilbroney or in some of the local businesses. Alternatively, it is available to download.

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Cloughmore Trail via Fiddler's Green

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