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Claudy Country Park

Kick off at Ballynameen Bridge with the view over the Faughan river to the churches of St Patrick. Pedal along well maintained surfaced paths through the park, with the river on your right and the rising woodlands on your left, full of mature beech, oak, willow and silver birch. The wide flowing river pulls you gently along by one of the many small weirs constructed across the river. Just beyond, a large open space to the left provides a great spot to pull in for a picnic.

Back on board, keep with the Faughan until it meets Glenrandal River. Now follow the bank of the Glenrandal where you can see the ruined remains of Cumber Old Church on the far bank. The path winds along through a leafy tunnel of shrubs and mature trees to the car park beside Cumber House. From here you can follow the upper path, back through the woods to Ballynameen Bridge but before that let the kids run riot in the new state-of-the-art children’s play area.

Public roads: Off Public Road

Getting to the start: From Derry City take the Glenshane Road to Claudy and turn Right on Church Road. This becomes the Cumber road and the park is well signposted just outside the village.

Traffic: Traffic-free


2 miles


Well maintained surfaced paths through park

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Cumber House, St. Patrick's Churches


Car park, playground, information panels



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  • Free (parking charges may apply)
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Claudy Country Park

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