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Ballycastle Beach

Ballycastle Beach is a popular tourist destination located on the Causeway Coast Route on the Antrim Coast of Northern Ireland. Ballycastle Beach is approximately 1.2 kilometres in length and runs from the pier at Ballycastle Marina at the western end to Pans Rock in the east. Ballycastle Beach is comprised of predominately sand with some shingle. It backs on to Ballycastle Golf Course for most of its length. There is a promenade at the western end. The beach is located about 5 minutes from the town centre.

There are no restrictions on swimming at this beach and there are no lifeguards present on Ballycastle Beach at anytime.

Facilities: Car Parking, Child Friendly Areas, Dogs Allowed, Toilets, Tourist Information / Visitor Centre. Ballycastle Beach has the following facilities available for users with limited mobility: wheelchair access disabled toilets disabled parking Water quality is Good. Awards: Seaside Award Resort.

Contact: Michael McConaghy, Moyle District Council., Email:

The eastern end of Ballycastle Beach is part of Ballycastle Coalfield ASSI. Ballycastle Coalfield is the best exposure of a coalfield sequence in Ireland. It contains a series of Carboniferous sedimentary rocks (335-330 million years old) with contemporary lavas and younger Tertiary igneous rocks (60 M.y.). The sedimentary rocks were deposited in a shallow marine bay which gradually developed into a vegetated coastal swamp subject to periodic flooding by the sea. The vegetation was preserved as seams of coal. Fossils that have been found include goniatites (shellfish), fish remains, giant clubmosses and arthropod insects. The Tertiary dykes have metamorphosed the carboniferous shales to produce porcellanite and a range of minerals. The site also contains evidence of early industrial activity: the coals and iron ores were mined between the 16th and 19th centuries.The underlying geology and the spoil heaps give rise to both base rich and acidic habitats, including wet grassland, base-rich flushes and maritime heath. Limited saltmarsh occurs on some of the beaches.


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Ballycastle Beach

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