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An introduction to Beekeeping at Larchfield Estate

The 'Introduction to Beekeeping' workshop, is a unique opportunity to learn all about Larchfield Estate's bees with its resident Beekeeper, Ken Baird, in the beautiful surroundings of The Old Piggery. The beekeeping workshop will be the first event to be held in The Old Piggery since its restorative refurbishment.

The workshop is ideally suited to those wanting to know more about bees and collecting honey. During the informal and interactive 2 hour session, Ken will take you through all the basics on beekeeping and how to get started. There will be lots of props to look at and you will be encouraged to ask questions and generate discussion.

The workshop will start at 9.15 and finish at 11.15 and you will leave with a renewed appreciation of honey bees, their importance as pollinators, how to extract honey and the uses of beeswax.

Below is a guide to what will be covered;

What a beekeeper does

About Bees

Extracting honey

Developing your appreciation of honey bees:

Importance as pollinators

The colony - a super-organism

Queens, workers and drones (roles/numbers/lifespan)

What they forage on and bring into the hive and what they produce (honey, pollen, propolis, wax, royal jelly)

How they overwinter

What's in a hive and how it works (using a new hive with virtual bees/comb/bees).

What a beekeeper does:

Disease and pest control, swarm control

Beekeepers' tools - smoker, hive tool, bee suit

Extracting honey from comb (uncapping/spinner/sieves)

Beeswax - refining and uses - candles, food wraps, art (rolled wax candles, candle moulds, waxed food wraps, encaustic painting)

To sweeten tour morning further you will be given a small jar of honey to take away

Part of the ‘'Learn To' Workshops being hosted by Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council as part of its Food & Drink events calendar and Taste the Island campaign.

Introduction to Beekeeping workshop is suitable for any age (10 yrs up)

Duration of Beekeeping workshop is 2 hour, there will be a maximum of 20 participants at this workshop

Unfortunately, refunds are not possible, but you can transfer your ticket to another person

Opening times

09:15 – 11:15

Price list

£20 (plus £1.43 booking fee)


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  • Parking Available
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An introduction to Beekeeping at Larchfield Estate

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